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Welcome to our Gallery, have a look round at some of our builds, not all of them made it off the Prototype shelf, we only wanted our best ideas that work well and best for our customers!

“The Dark Light” one of our first designs we made years ago, still a great Night vision device.

We were one of the fist to adapt the handheld to weapon mountable rangefinder, starting with the MK1 shown on the left, MK2 on the right.

We developed the worlds first adjustable side mount for the rangefinder, so it can be zero’d to the scopes cross hair, now everyone copies us, but we do not mind to an extent as its good in most cases for progress !

“DL compact” an updated version of “The Dark Light” using the sweet 17 scope as a donor,  turret still worked as a 17hmr dial.

We had some customers who wanted the rangefinder to work how they needed it, so these are some of our modifications

These rangefinders could not cope with high recoil past .223 cal, we modify on customers request.

The therm app didn’t have a weapon mount in the UK, so we designed one to fit.

The therm app unit can have many uses, we went OTT with this one and made a holographic thermal helmet, you will be amazed at our video !

More use for the therm app, we built a remote unit that is vehicle mounted and can pan/tilt remotely !

One of the most complex of our Night Vision builds “The EDNV” based on the style of the Elcan scope.

An elaborate cross hair design to show how good some of our cameras are at building reticules.

It looks messy at first but thats how the prototypes first start, after initial testing the EDNV was born !

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