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Do I get a Guarantee with parts I buy one here ?
Yes, it’s customised so has a parts and labour guarantee, if it goes wrong just send it back to us and we will fix it, if a mistake has been done by you on a kit or part from us that you accidentally damaged , a fee will apply !
I've paid for my custom build that you are customising for me, but I have changed my mind, I want to cancel the order, can I ?
Sorry, once we have started the build you are committed. It’s customised for you and we will not be able to sell to another customer, a customised build of any item in the UK falls under the customisation LAW, the 14 day money back guarantee does not apply to these customisable rifle scopes, so please be certain that you are happy before you commit to buying our product. This does not apply to our online shop. Your statutory rights are not affected, please read our terms & conditions page.
I have downloaded your schematics, can I make an extra few to sell to my friends ?
Sorry, that would come under design right theft. It takes a long time and effort to design these so re-distribution in any way or form is prohibited without consent from
We do however allow you to make changes to the design as you see fit, but any part of that cannot be re-distributed or re-sold to make profit. It’s for people to build only for themselves !
If I buy from your shop and decide I do not want the product, can I get a refund?
Of course you can, but it has to be within 14 days and the item has to be in the same condition it was sent out to you, including the box. This doesn’t mean you can fit it to your scope and go hunting with it for 14 days and give it back, we are a registered custom build shop, so guaranteed paypal refunds may not apply !
I have my customised rifle scope now but it’s a little over whelming, I have never used anything like it before...can you help ?
That's what we are here for, you do get a fully illustrated manual, take time to understand it but if you are still having problems working it all out, then please contact us . We cannot answer calls all day but we will try and get back to your email within 48 hrs.
I would like to try and build one myself, would you guide me in the right direction ?
This design is our design right, but if you ask nicely we may say yes and even offer assistance (even if you have not purchased anything from us). If you are going to use our ideas then buy the correct parts for the job, parts or the kit is in our shop under “parts”....... again just ask !
Any further questions our Q&A page didn’t answer then please contact us !