Night vision devices and hunting gear have always been expensive, we at Customriflescopes.UK are trying to change that paradigm, designing new and yet simple innovations that wont break the bank…….How ? that's simple, we make the designs, supply some of the parts and you build it following our build instructions, drawings & videos.  Some of these are free, yes free, so check out the “The Builds” page, whatever we cannot get for your builds we try to link for you, we also build  full kits for customers in the NVIP room or our shop plus parts and other hunting gear!

Coming soon VIP aria All our kits & builds are design © By Forums & other social media are good for finding great ideas, but  those ideas eventually go  down the rabbit hole, on here they stay ! “HOLONIGHT”© Holographic night Vision display! “SMARTNIGHT”© Clear shoot through Recording and  Live hunting “ADDONIGHT”© Revolutionary  Add-on  Night vision “MICRONIGHT”© this little gem will be the Smallest ! All this and more  will be coming available  on our build page or shop, just click the link to check ! © Welcome to CustomRifleScopes.UK Featured DIY Builds The Builds Shop VIP aria VIP aria © All rights reserved 2015 We take cards Paypal & Crypto