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This is a new product design by

Ever wanted to load one bullet at a time in your bolt rifle due to miss counting the crucial shots you have fired, the sound of a "CLICK" comes and your spooked target runs off, thinking this is not possible at night fumbling around to load a bullet singularly in the dark........well not any more, here is our new product we designed, its a glow in the dark magazine for your rifle !

The GLOWMAGZ are a unique magazine that fits in your bolt rifle and acts as a single magazine ( for people who like to single load ) that glows at night, the reason we designed such a thing is that many people when shooting in the dark, like to see if the bullet has been laid in place correctly, ready to be loaded into the breech for firing. This is also good to see if after you have fired the case has been thrown clear. You can also check to see if you have previously loaded into the breech if you slightly slide the bolt back to expose the round, non of which you can do in the dark without torchlight…….Hence GLOWMAGZ © was born!

just charge this magazine with a torch and set off on your hunt, load your bullet with confidence as you can see it is lined up as you drop it onto the GLOWMAGZ, slide the bolt forward and you can watch in darkness your bullet feed correctly, after the shot you can check your breach and see if the bullet has ejected.......did you forget you loaded your rifle, just half slide the bolt back and see the bullet, the glow from the magazine lights it up easy. Not going to be hard to find that magazine if you drop it either !

We have the GLOWMAGZ designs for the following rifles :-

CZ 527 17Hornet

CZ 527 22Hornet

CZ 452 17HMR

223 tikka


If your rifle is not listed and want one designed for you, then please get in contact and as you will be the first we will do a special discount for helping us with the proto-type of your type rifle ( we do need to borrow your magazine for a week to do this )

As we have said, these are not available on the market yet, so while we build up a data base of designs, you will be the very few to own one, we can even put your name on the side of your magazine if you so wish !

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