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Every rifle scope has limitations, here at we are reducing those limitations, all on one rifle scope.The Elcan Digital Night Vision scope “EDNV”, is the first of its kind in the digital rifle scope world. Do you want a one of a kind that no one else has, do you want to pimp it up with all the bells and whistles or strip it down to cut the weight and price.....well...... Now you can!  
Have a look below at the T&G Elcan rifle scope below, it is stripped to the shell for maximum customisation, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s for airsoft or’s not. It’s re-built for hunting & target practice. Please read below for more information, We have now run out of time to make these anymore, the last of our builds will be finished by end of September.  We will be taking no more orders to make these due to not much profit to how much work goes into making them. The EDNV is a great piece of kit and we will still stock the parts for a while so you can have a go at making one for your self, Visit our shop to buy the kit or some of the parts, schematic and build instructions are below ....for free !
Back up sight system option, iron sight combo, RED DOT option or leave empty to cut down weight.
External re-chargeable battery, lasts up to 4.1 hrs, this can be replaced after 500+ charges.
External Joystick for quick OSD functions, zoom and cross hair build options. This can be mounted on scope or RIFLE, never have to take your hand off the rifle again !
Weaver/picatinny 20mm rail for your own add-on’s like a Laser or IR torch, this is also an option that can be left off to attach a RED DOT Reflex for back up sights.
Any writing in green indicates options you can choose !
The New “EDNV”
Build Your very own EDNV Rifle Scope
Schematics and build instructions now free below !
Clear High resolution 640 x 480 colour screen, seated behind a rubber eye cup to prevent glare from the sun. Better still it will stop the light from the screen escaping at night, more covert while night hunting.
ON / OFF switch with built in variable brightness function for the near eye display screen, can be turned down low at night to prevent eye strain. Different style switch options.
Wind and Elevation adjusters that can be locked down after Zeroing your rifle to the scope.
Power socket for charging, can incorporate the option for video recording with a video out lead.
2x or 4x optical magnification option and X6 digital Magnification via zoom control. Optional IR front filter for better day shooting, richer colours. Special coated optics that remove IR focus shift.
Easy to install with Quick Detach levers for fast removal of scope to store away if needed.
All circuits hardened for recoil and longevity up to 17hmr ( Will be testing higher calibre’s soon). Voltage & timer OSD option. Voltage regulation protection circuit. Paint job option can also be done in different colours or camo but will extend build time !
Less options chosen, the lighter it is + the cost & build time goes down !
Please watch the Video for a demo of this custom rifle scope, more video’s can be seen throughout the site.
Design your own reticule.
The design can be set to 4 different levels of transparency & 15 colours, this makes it possible to see the target behind the design area like on the SUSAT, no hiding for your target!... If you feel confident, the reticule can be re-designed by you at any time, you can even add wind and elevation lines for aiming off !
Have a look below at the build stages, we don’t make the EDNV anymore but we thought it would be nice to release the build instructions and schematics so you can have a go yourself, We do hold most of the EDNV parts, but what we do not have we will list below the links to help you in the right direction!
The “EDNV” Schematic
The Camera that gives you the best reticule design and zoom control that doesn’t loose it’s Zero position. Sony chip 700tv lines 0.005 lux with more OSD functions than the EJ230/E700 and a better price.
The Viewfinder in 640x480 resolution, best around for the price.
The “EDNV” stage 3
This is the special rotary pot switch that controls the power on/off and the brightness setting of the screen. This is the only mini pot switch that fits inside.
The Voltage and timer OSD circuit board, this will give you the run time and how much power you have left in your battery. It can monitor 2 batteries if needed!
The “EDNV” stage 4
The Elcan scope itself, the body of your build will need this version as the insides have to be correct to fit all the parts that go into making it, no other T&G Elcan would work !
Look in our shop under
“PARTS” section for this !
The “EDNV” stage 1
The “EDNV” stage 2
This is the eye cup that will fit the ocular end of the Elcan, a must to keep out the sun in day time shooting.
This is the lens you will need to fit inside, it will give you around  4x optical magnification.
This IR filter is a must if you want nice colours for day time shooting, this one fits the thread of the Elcan perfectly. If you don’t use one the colours will look washed out!
This is the full kit to build the Elcan down to the last nut and bolt (ignore picture as too much to show). If buying this kit a full inventory will be given plus full build instructions with schematics. You will need to supply your own tools and be handy with a drill & soldering iron.
This is the 12v battery you will need, it is the only one that will fit under the Elcan and give you the 4.1hr plus run time you would want from a battery.
Look in our shop under
“PARTS” section for this !
Parts needed to build the EDNV can be found in our shop. This is a great way to build one in stages, or if on a tight budget you can buy parts as an when you can!
If you feel like re-designing the idea and not use our parts, you can just use our free schematics
This is our design right, so no selling ideas or making profit from our design with out permission from CRS.UK