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Have a look at the DarkLight, it’s made from an AO 3-9x50 rifle scope, the cool thing about this one is that the turrets are usable in the advanced model.
We do not build the basic or advanced Darklight anymore.....
But we do have some of the parts you will need to build one yourself and the instructions to make the basic or advanced type. Please read on to build your own.
Menu joystick mounted on top or underneath for OSD functions & reticule design.
The  “DarkLight”
Adjustable turrets, easy to make on a standard scope, but on a digital with a camera inserted, quite a hard task to do if you make the advanced version.
This can be fitted with the latest sony camera, great resolution and low LUX
Video out is a must if you like to show off your latest hunting skills or target practice!
Standard dovetail or weaver mounts.
9 x magnification with AO focus, this will give you a sharp image day or night with no IR phase shift ( no blurring )
External re-chargeable battery has the advantage of taking some of the weight off the scope, not only that you can swap out the batteries very quick.
High res 640 x 480 colour screen, same one used in the EDNV above.
IR cut filter, this is for day time use to keep the colours vibrant, unscrew for night shooting.
Please watch the Video for a demo of this custom rifle scope, more video’s can be seen throughout the site.
Have a look below at the build stages, we don’t make the Darklight anymore but we thought it would be nice to release the build instructions so you can have a go yourself, we do not hold all the parts for the Darklight any more but what we do not have we will list below the links to help you in the right direction!
The “DarkLight” stage 1
The “DarkLight” stage 2
The Camera that gives you the best reticule design and zoom control that doesn’t loose it’s Zero position. Sony chip 700tv lines 0.005 lux with more OSD functions than the EJ230/E700 and a better price.
The Viewfinder in 640x480 resolution, best around for the price.
The “DarkLight” stage 3
This is the special rotary pot switch that controls the power on/off and the brightness setting of the screen. This is the only mini pot switch that fits inside.
At this stage you could add a dimmer switch that I put in later models to dim the viewfinder screen for night use as we felt it was a little too bright. Ask for schematic when you purchase one!
The “DarkLight” stage 4
The “DarkLight” stage 5
The Voltage and timer OSD circuit board, this will give you the run time and how much power you have left in your battery. It can monitor 2 batteries if needed!
At this stage you could add an on screen voltage level reader and timer so you know how long the battery will last. Ask for schematic when you purchase one!
At this stage you should contact a laser cutting company like laser speed and give them these dimensions, these are for the tube that the viewfinder sits in. The right hand one may differ depending on the rifle scope you choose?
The “DarkLight” stage 6
At this stage you should be complete and trying out your new night vision rifle scope, if you liked reading it or building it, then please rate us on face book here. Below are some useful sites to help you find the parts ( that we don’t have ) to build the Darklight.
Some helpful links.|1510507834
Look for the 58mm ir filter
Uv-ir cut filter shenzhen linxuming technology  58mm
The “DarkLight” Instructions for when you use it.
Will be on the website shortly !