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At we build digital rifle scopes with options that the customer can choose from. This adds flexibility/adaptability and greater price range to suit your shooting and your pocket. You will smile when you know that your customised rifle scope will be the only one of its kind (over 1,000 permutations possible) not including reticule cross hair or paint design, that would make possibilities.....well.... infinity !
About us
We are an online business and unique in this field, we do have a Shop selling rifle scopes, hunting gear and accessories, our Ebay shop is up and running.
Having a long military & engineering background gave us the experience we needed to design these digital rifle scopes, not just to make them customisable for you, but also to make them ergonomic and practical for the job at hand. We started off with an idea a few years back and it grew into our first ever digital scope, that was unmatched in the commercial digital rifle scope world at the time. It was in higher resolution, colour screen, usable wind & elevation turrets with 9x magnification, the Photon was the only commercial scope to come near to our specifications for its type. Some people know our’s as the CS DarkLight NV scope, we made 12 for various customers (some as far as the US) before deciding that we could design a business round this idea. We no longer build the DarkLight, but if you would like to attempt to build one, then follow our build instructions here, aren't we generous !
The CS DarkLight day and night
The Photon day and night
You can see the pictures to the left are looking through the photon, the pictures to the right are looking through the CS DarkLight, all photo’s are around 50 yards from target. Don’t get us wrong, we liked the Photon and would never say a bad word about it, we just felt that we could build a more advanced rifle scope.
New idea’s for the future........yes,many.......some are heading for patenting !